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Midlife Women in the Age of Miracles – Ancient Wisdom – How to Change Your Life

Coronavirus and A Course in Miracles

Now that my mom and Roger reunited, my mom was able to heal from her wounds, find out what my grandparents did, and realize that Rog had always loved her and tried his whole life to reconnect with her. They are living together now, she feels safe and secure, he provides for her (which my stepdad never did) and they live a cozy, comfortable life filled with incredible love and gratitude. They work in the garden together in the summer, cook together all the time, and feed the birds together and watch them frolic through the kitchen window.

My mom healed her wounds. I did the work I needed ucdm to do to forgive her for how I felt she ‘wronged’ me, and that Christmas 2012 I received the best gift from her I ever could have – which was her time. She finally put my sister and me before work and before her man. I felt so loved and cared for that week, that I was then able to manifest a clear path to the answers around the tumor that I had been suffering with for a year and half and had no idea what was wrong with me.

Within 10 weeks of that Christmas, because I now felt loved, I was analyzed, diagnosed, and surgery was complete. You see the upper portion of your back where the tumor sat, represented ‘feeling unloved‘ in Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. I manifested the tumor by choosing to feel unloved, and I manifested its removal by choosing to feel loved. I was able to receive my mom’s love because I finally healed myself of my feelings of victimhood, resentment and anger by working on myself to heal those feelings through The Forgiveness Diet.

Mom and I didn’t have a knock down drag out fight. We didn’t discuss our feelings for hours, days, or years on end. I didn’t confront her and insist she apologize. All I did was heal my feelings toward her, and in that shift of perception a miracle occurred. I stopped judging her for what she didn’t give me and I was finally able to empathize with was she went through. She was only passing on what she knew.

Her parents both worked two and three jobs to support the family. She mistakenly learned that work was most important. Her wounds caused her to seek approval and validation in her mate, and she had no idea that she was parenting in an irresponsible way. I have completely forgiven my mom and my life is fuller for doing so.

I don’t carry resentment and anger with me anymore, which significantly impacts my ability to heal my body. I am able to be more loving and understanding with my mate, family, friends, and employees. There is a better cycle being perpetuated now that I chose to heal my feelings. I chose to shift my perception. I chose to create my own miracle.

And you can do the same. Get ready to experience a lighter, brighter view of the world. Uncover how to receive all the love you need. Reveal how to stop feeling like a victim, because you’ll have nothing to gripe about anymore, since your feelings of lack, judgment, anger, and resentment will be extinguished. You’ll be free of the chains that bind you. You’ll choose love. You’ll experience a shift in perception. You will have Created Your Own Miracle.