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How to Make Housing Disrepair Claims

If you’ve suffered from housing disrepair, you can make a claim for compensation. This compensation will depend on the nature of your disrepair and how long it has been since you became ill. If you have had to move out of your property or suffer financial loss due to disrepair, you can claim financial losses and any other damages that you can prove. Here’s how to make a claim:

No Win No Fee agreement

If you think that your landlord or council has not done the repairs you need, it is essential to speak to a solicitor who is experienced in pursuing housing repair claims. You should know that it is far cheaper to hire a solicitor on a no win no fee agreement than to file a standard housing repair claim. Solicitors on this basis often negotiate a settlement for you, but if your claim is unsuccessful, the solicitor must inform you of how much they will charge.

Common causes of housing disrepair

Many people don’t realise that they have the right to claim for housing disrepair. While a landlord has a duty to maintain a property to certain standards, this doesn’t mean you should accept a property that needs major repairs. You should raise any issues you find with your landlord as soon as possible. Housing disrepair claims can be a valuable way to get compensation. Here are some common causes of housing disrepair claims:

Compensation for damages

In the case of a landlord who fails to repair or maintain his property, a tenant can make a

housing disrepair claim. A judge can award a tenant compensation for pain and suffering and loss of amenity. Typically, damages are awarded in the form of a percentage of the rent. The more severe the disrepair is, the greater the compensation. Moreover, courts will not award a full refund of rent. The compensation will generally be based on the value of the property’s market rent.

Evidence needed to support claim

To win your Housing Disrepair Claim, you need to collect proof of the damage you’ve noticed. This evidence is usually in the form of photographs, receipts for repair or replacement expenses, copies of your utility bills, and any correspondence you’ve had with your landlord. Once you have this evidence, you can present your case to the local authority. But you should know that there are some exceptions to this rule.

Whether you can make a claim

If your property has fallen into disrepair due to negligence of the landlord, you can claim compensation for your suffering. The time limit for a sheffield based housing disrepair claim is six years, or three years if the disrepair has caused personal injury. The amount of compensation depends on how bad the disrepair is and how well you can prove the damage with evidence. The amount of compensation can range anywhere from 25% to 50% of your monthly rent.