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Fun Facts about Ice Cream

To at the moment, the records of ice cream stays a thriller. However, many say that the first ice cream is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture of snow, nectar, fruit pulp, and honey. Others proclaim that Marco Polo, a thirteenth century adventurer, introduced ice cream to Europe from the Far East. However, regardless of where it came from, trendy common American consumes 23.2 quarts of ice cream according to 12 months, with the first ice cream parlor in America commencing in 1776 in New York City.

So, which nations like ice cream the most? The United States, New Zealand, Denmark, and Australia top the list. The favourite taste is the traditional vanilla. Then comes chocolate, strawberry, neapolitan, and chocolate chip.

How do those line up along with your personal list of favorites?

The most popular topping for ice cream —- chocolate syrup. Who would of notion ; )

Around thirteen% of men and 8% of girls will admit to licking the bowl smooth after consuming ice cream.

Biggest ice cream sundae – 12 feet tall! This one turned  Cream Deluxe into made with 4,667 gallons of ice cream in California in 1985.

The common unmarried-scoop ice cream cone takes 50 licks to complete. Try it out with the following recipe.

Quick Strawberry Parfait:


1 quart of strawberry ice cream

1 pint of whipped cream


Mix the strawberry ice cream with the whipped cream at serving time. Serve in a glass of your desire and top with whipped cream, with a strawberry on pinnacle. (Feel unfastened to top your parfait with different culmination as properly.)

This recipe will fill eight glasses.

For other parfait flavors, surely use a one-of-a-kind flavored ice cream.